6 Ways To Crush Your Summer Shape Up Workouts

How to get the most out of your workout

We are almost HALFWAY through Summer Shape Up! Can you believe it?? I really can't, I feel like it's completely flying by! Just four more weeks to go! If you missed part 1 of the challenge, join us for part 2 HERE and get ready to feel amazing and strong!

At this halfway point, how are you feeling? I love being able to look back at the last four weeks and see how far I've come! I'm feeling more energized and focused, plus I'm totally psyched to put on all my cutest summer outfits. My normal days in the life are so fun and motivating during a fitness challenge. How about you?

how to get the most out of your workout

I will say, though, that sometimes I notice it's easier to lose steam in the second half of a challenge. Your initial enthusiasm can decrease and life gets in the way. But I don't want that to happen to us! I'm giving you the how-to on how to get the most out of your workout so you can CRUSH your Summer Shape Up workouts and stay on track!

#1: Schedule your sweat sesh

This one's for you if you heard what I just said about life getting in the way and thought, "I feel you, girl!" I can't tell you how many times I planned to do a workout but work and chores and other things filled my whole day.

Instead of trying to squeeze something in last minute, when you already feel tired from the day, I recommend popping your sweat sesh on your calendar at least a day in advance. Schedule it in the morning and nothing can get in your way!The LSF App has a calendar that marks off each day you complete a workout so you can stay motivated and see your progress. It's my fave way to stay on track!

#2: Curate your carbs

Carbs aren't your enemy! In fact, healthy carbs can give you the energy you need to slay your workouts. A couple hours before you exercise, fuel your body with healthy (read: complex) carbs like:

  • A quinoa bowl
  • Oatmeal
  • Bananas or apples

Have more questions about nutrition or just need something to tell you exactly what to do? Look no further babe, that's why I created the LSF Nutrition Guides! They give you the step-by-step so you can learn all about healthy eating and make delish recipes that make you feel and look amazing from the inside out!

#3: Amp up your accountability

If you don't have an accountability partner, now's the time to find one! Having a buddy to keep you focused and motivated might be just what you need to power through this final stretch.If you're always searching how to get the most out of your workout, this is SO important.

If you think it'll be hard to find an accountability partner, think again. Our #TeamLSF community has tons of women on Insta rooting each other on! Join us to find the support you need.

Psssttt.... want to get started with LSF but don't know how? Check out the deets on how to get started here!

#4: Bump it up with booty bands

Want an easy way to up-level your workouts? Get some resistance bands in the mix! We have these super cute booty bands available in our shop and you get free printable workouts with purchase! These babies help you do so much more, making it easier to target certain muscle groups and build strength. But unlike other gym equipment, you don't need any space to store them. Seriously, they roll up as small as a pair of no-show socks!Plus we have so many workouts using the LSF Booty Bands that will make you burn a serious sweat. We love this full body band workout or resistance bands abs workout!

#5: Power up post-workout

Within 30 minutes of working out, try to eat or drink something with protein in it. This could be the classic protein shake, but it could be as easy as throwing some nut butter on a piece of whole-grain toast or slicing up a hard-boiled egg. Any recipe with high protein is key! Eating protein after you exercise replenishes your body so you can keep crushing those workouts.

#6: Recover with your roller

I have to admit: I kinda love being sore. It's just such a clear sign that my workouts are, well, working. But I know that being perpetually sore can be a drag, and that's why I love my foam roller. Seriously, ten minutes on that thing, rolling out the areas where you feel tight or sore, can help you recover so much faster.

Babes, we've got this! In four weeks, we're going to feel so AMAZING.

how to get the most out of your workout

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