6 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight


Why am I not losing weight. Hey, gorgeous. Fitness is fun, but that doesn't mean it's not difficult

One of the hardest things about getting healthier and more fit is feeling like you're not making progress. So when you start putting in effort to shed those extra pounds, but you're not seeing any results, it can be sooo discouraging. But don't give up just yet, girl! We've come up with some of the most sneaky culprits for why you're not losing weight, and they may just be your ticket to success!

1. You're Drinking Your Calories

Usually when we think of dieting, or really just burning more calories than we consume each day, we think of food. But in reality, calories can come in all shapes and sizes, and one of the biggest culprits is drinks! You can ingest tons of calories through things like putting cream and sugar in your coffee, drinking a sugary smoothie or juice, grabbing cocktails with the girls, or even having a protein shake. This is not to say that all caloric beverages are bad (pound that protein shake, girl!), but if you don't account for how many calories you're gaining through your drinks, they can add up sooo fast and can keep you from being able to reach a calorie deficit.

2. You Have An Underlying Issue

Sometimes you're not losing weight because of something that your body is trying to tell you about an underlying issue – not because you're doing anything wrong. Conditions like hypothyroidism, diabetes, and polycystic ovarian syndrome can prevent your body from dropping pounds. If you have other symptoms that suggest you might have a condition like one of these, go see a doctor asap! Once you can meet with a medical professional who can steer you in the right path for what it looks like for your unique body to be healthy, you can continue crushing your goals!

3. You're Not Getting Enough Protein

Too many people think that going heavy on protein shakes and protein bars will lead to becoming bulky, but that's not necessarily true! Yes, protein can be used to build up muscle mass, but mainly protein is just a substance that our bodies need to repair muscle and keep them healthy. And guess what else? The more muscle you have, the more fat your body burns. Don't skimp on the protein. Instead, make sure you're working things like poultry, nut butter, eggs, and quinoa into your diet. It might just be what your body needs in order to maintain healthy muscle mass and burn fat faster.

4. You're Building Muscle

If you're already in the process of burning that good muscle mass, be patient! As your body goes through changes in its composition, it needs time to adjust. Sometimes this can lead to things like inflammation and water retention that can cause you tothinkyou're not losing fat when in reality, you totally are! The important thing here is to be consistent and patient, and before you know it you'll start seeing the results of your hard work taking effect.

5. You're Not Catching Enough Z's

We live in a super busy culture, and things like studying and work can take over some serious night-owl hours and have a detrimental effect on how much sleep you're getting each night. It can even feel like we're being selfish or irresponsible by prioritizing a set bedtime, which is absolutely crazy! Sleep is one of the single most important things, not just for weight loss, but for your mental and physical health in general. Look at it this way: when we sleep, it's the only time that our body is able to regenerate and build up energy necessary for the next day, so if you're not spending enough time sleeping, then a lot of the work you put in while you're awake goes to waste!

Try and prioritize the work you need to get done during daylight hours, and set a healthy bedtime ritual and schedule for yourself. Are you having trouble sleeping? Look into intermittent fasting. Not only can it have positive effects on losing weight, but it can also improve your quality of sleep! All-in-all, your inability to see progress might just be because your body needs a chance to catch up and enjoy the work you've put in.

6. "Sugar-Free" Subs Are Sabotaging You

If you've heard me talk about alternate sweeteners, you know how I feel about them. They are sooo unhealthy for you and can have such a negative impact on your body and metabolism. Not only do a lot of them have harmful synthetic properties, but they also don't help you overcome sugar cravings! Your brain's response to sugar-free substitutes and artificial sweeteners is the same as your brain's response to real sugar. All it does is make you crave more, which not only compels you to eat more of these harmful substances, but also raises the likelihood that you'll give in to sugar in general, which is quickly turned into fat in your body when there's a surplus. If you want to see a positive change in your body, cutting out sugar-free substitutes is a great place to start. Opt for some organic berries or tea with honey instead!


Want all 11 tips & tricks to losing those stubborn pounds? We made a helpful printable for you to download and take with you as a reminder and a motivator. Keep an eye out for a new video coming to our youtubechannel where I chat my own frustrating experiences and give your more tips to losing weight!

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