5 Tips To Stay Healthy At Home


Healthy at home. Let's be real, our new normal is weird!

And now more than ever it's so important to continue to take care of ourselves and make sure we're putting extra care into our health. Many of us have had our routines completely thrown off and are now adjusting to a new at home lifestyle. But just because you're at home, doesn't mean you can't continue healthy habits! You babes know LSF is alllllll about fitness at home, but we're giving you some of our most helpful tips that you can implement to getcha' through this weird time and help you stay healthy at home. We got you girl.

Get your sweat on!

With being home 24/7, it's SO easy to let your workouts slide and just cozy up on the couch. It's that "ehhh, I'll do it tomorrow" mentality that we are going to ditch! Getting daily workouts in is so important not only for your physical health but your mental health as well. It's all about the endorphins babe, and working out gives you tons! We want to help you stay positive and happy during this weird time and working out is a big one. Need a little extra motivation? Sign up for our FREE Spring Slim Down Challengeand get encouragement from thousands of other women doing the challenge with you! We also have daily workouts on the LSF Appand Katie is going LIVE on Instagramall week to give you tons of free, virtual workouts classes!

Your daily dose

Another big one and something that we all know we need but slack on… vitamins. YEP we feel you girl, it can be a major pain buying bottle after bottle of random vitamins we think we need but let's be real, what are they even for? That's why we rely on our absolute faves, Persona Nutrition, to give us our daily dose (literally) of vitamins. The best part? They are completely personalized to exactly what YOU need. No more guessing, no more shoving bottles into your medicine cabinet. Take a free assessmentthat helps Persona get to know you, so it can create a custom pack of vitamins based on what your body really needs – no more, no less. They'll send you vitamin packs that have the exact vitamins you need to take morning and night, every single day. So easy! Plus, they put your name on the vitamin packets. How cute is that? Start your assessment here+ Get 50% OFF your first month!

Turn off the telley

Feeling stressed because of the constant COVID-19 craziness? We know it's hard to separate yourself from the news but….. Do it. No more background noise of statistics and people sharing their opinions. It'll be there waiting for you later. Relax, recharge and know that everything will be okay. Take a moment to enjoy something you love: a good book, a face mask and a glass of wine, jotting down your goals, whatever it is! Soak in some goodness!

All about that immunit-yyy

Nutrition is so important when it comes to taking care of your body, and adding immunity boosting foods to your diet is especially crucial! Some of our fave immunity boosting foods are citrus fruits, broccoli, garlic, spinach, poultry and ginger. Add these foods into your weekly recipes and your bod will thank you for it.

Bring out your inner germaphobe

This might seem like major common sense, but it is SO important to wipe down your surfaces daily! Counters, door knobs, car handles, all the things! Germs are constantly being transferred everywhere (gross, but true) and this is the time to be diligent in cleaning everyyything. We want you gals to stay safe and healthy during this time and taking extra precautions is so smart. What do we do to make it fun? Make a party out of it! Turn on your favorite throwback music and jam out to your own little cleaning party.

Add these easy tips into your routine and your at home health game will be strong! Stay safe girls!

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