3 Easy Ways To Get Motivated Instantly


easy ways to get motivated

When I started my fitness journey getting and staying motivated was one of my biggest concerns. I didn't really know where to begin. Through the years I've realized motivation isn't something that just comes to you. It's not a magic switch you can turn on, but there are easy ways to get motivated if you're ready to commit to real change!

1. Try something new!

Sounds easy enough, but trying something new (or again) can be super intimidating. I had a lot of fear from past "failures" that made me feel like I couldn't do it. The idea of losing 10lbs seemed impossible let alone 45lbs! But I did. I had to acknowledge the fear, accept the discomfort, and do it anyway! The amazing thing is, when you challenge yourself to do something and actually do it completing transforms your mind.

Accomplishing a small goal, even something as simple as holding a 10 second plank or going for a 5 minute walk every day, will give you a dose of instant motivation!

2. Find some REAL inspo

Don't get me wrong, girls who have been fit their whole lives are super inspiring, but seeing women who have struggled with weight transform their bodies is remarkable. For me, the girls in the magazines bodies (now tik tok, ig, etc.) didn't seem attainable. Granted, I didn't know their stories, but my assumption at the time was that they had always been thin.

I had to find some real inspo and at the time I didn't know that existed so I had my mom snap some pictures of me and I used that those to inspire me. Not because I had done anything yet, but because looking at photos of my body at that point was painful. I knew the mental and emotional pain I felt in that moment and I never wanted to feel that way again.


I wish I had other women to look up to at the time. To see that "normal" women were able to lose weight, get healthy, build confidence, and create a healthy. lifestyle. I didn't, but now you do and that makes me so happy! I love that I can be that for you along with the thousands of women who have transformed their lives with LSF.

If you haven't already, watch my story here and just checkout our Crop Top Crunch Time winner Sarah's transformation and story for an instant boost of motivation!

3. Connect with other women

#TeamLSF! Did you know there is an incredible community of women just waiting to encourage you? Team LSF is our Love Sweat Fitness community of women who come together to support one another through this journey. We are here as a safe space for ALL women to come and let down their walls and help build each other up. To be raw, honest, and vulnerable with one another about some of our deepest insecurities. No judgement, just LOTS of love for you!

love sweat fitness community, womens fitness community, collage of women

Accountability and support is truly the key to creating a lifestyle that lasts! We don't always have people at home that full understand WHY we are making changes. Often times, even with the best intentions, they discourage us from making healthy choices because it doesn't quite fit what they're comfortable with. But this journey is YOURS! You need to connect with women who get it and get you so you can build the strength and confidence you deserve!

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