10 Most Instagramable Walls In Los Angeles

LA Street Art LA Street Art. Grab your bestie for an epic IG photoshoot! Checkout the 10 Most Instagramable Walls in Los Angeles + get a little cardio in while you're at it!

You know when you meet someone and just click? You're on the same wavelength, same goals and it's just effortless. You don't want to be a total dork, but you kinda want to tell them how stoked you are to have found them? Haha, yep!

I met this babe almost 2 years ago, but we re-connected last year and it was friend magic. Whitney English runs ToLiveAndDietInLA.com @whitneylenglish(IG) and is an all around awesome human!

A few weeks ago we had a girls day up in L.A. We decided to run around Melrose and look for fun wall art! — there's so much up there! We took pics at our favorites to share some fitspo from the top 10 most Instagram-worthy walls in Los Angeles.Totally basic tourist move, but SO fun!!

You might have seen a few of these on Instagram. If not, grab your bestie and get ready to take some awesome pics for insta!

I'm sharing a few of my Favorite Walls (6-10 on the map)! You can see the first 5 most instragrammed walls in L.A. on Whitney's Blog HERE

6. The Anxiety Wall

Peace and serenity now. Love this wall! There is actually a HUGE Buddha mural right next to it. Perfect little reminder to stop and breath! Ps- thank god for the little ledge behind me! I could rest my butt on it and avoid completely crushing Whitney! haha

7. The Angel Wings

I know these have blown up all over Instagram, but for good reasons. They're GORGEOUS!!

8. The "Eye of theTiger" Wall

We found this one around the corner, sort of hidden away and HAD to get a photo! How Fierce is this?! All I could think of was that Katy Perry power song. Friends that jump and make crazy faces together – stay together

9. The Kobe Wall

There are TONS of gorgeously painted walls all over Los Angeles on Melrose, but this one was a must! Ryan has been a die hard Lakers fan his entire life. When we first met we would drive over 2 hours almost weekly to watch Kobe and the team crush it (circa 2010 when they were still on top). He would tell you this is 100% the most instagram-worthy wall in the city!

10. The Monopoly Wall

Last stop on the tour de walls is this bad boy! Did you know the momonpoly man has a name!? Rich Uncle Pennybags! Learn something new everyday I guess!

Make that money honey! Go – Go – Go!

Definitely hard to chose just 10 walls with all the incredible street art around Los Angeles. Checkout Whitney's blog to see the rest of the walls (1-5) The #2 Most Instagramable wall in Los Angeles thats on her list is my FAVORITE! So cute!

Yay! If you're in L.A. or have rad walls near you, snap a pic for Instagram and tag us! (@lovesweatfitness + @Whitneylenglish)

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