Hi! I'm Katie, your Love Sweat & Fitness trainer!
I believe in living a fit lifestyle, no quick fixes or fad diets here. Good things comes to those who sweat! Let's get in shape and have plenty of fun while doing it!

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Hi! My name is Katie.

I am a certified trainer and fitness instructor! My passion is to help others live a fit, healthy and most importantly…balanced life. I am so excited to be able to share Love Sweat & Fitness with all of you! My goal is to help you discover your perfect body! When I am asked how I stayed motivated to lose my weight I always reply. “It’s just Love, Sweat and Fitness!”

Katie Dunlop


My passions, the things that motivate me. My husband, family, friends, gorgeous sunsets, summer hikes and a good bikini!


Jumping the hurdles. The mental and physical ones we all have to overcome in order to start making the changes we want. Deciding to get up early so you can make it to the class, choosing the fruit instead of fries; the little things that add up to a healthier happier you!


The work. What we do each day to see the changes happening. The physical work we put in to strengthen our bodies and minds. Training, increasing the weight, adding the mile, reading a new article…it all makes a world of difference.

My fitness journey

began as I was finishing college at San Diego State and like many, I was at a complete loss on how to get in shape. I had continually fluctuated up and down; 10 ,15, 20lbs over the course of those  four years. I was tired of killing my body and metabolism trying to make up for those drinks and breakfast burritos. I tried every fad diet and home workout video there was, but nothing would stick.

Finally enough was enough!

I couldn’t stand constantly thinking and talking about my body. I knew it was time to get healthy for good.

At this point I was a 5’5” and 160 pounds. I began watching my portions, cutting out the unhealthy foods I was eating and taking my workout routine seriously. I started incorporating yoga sculpt and running a few days a week and built my plan from there.


I’m happy say that after many many months, I was able to find a true passion for fitness and nutrition! I would have never imagined that I would have gone from unhappy, unhealthy Katie to a fitness instructor and personal trainer! What!? It’s funny how your life can change with one simple decision, but sometimes that is all it takes. I know all too well how hard it can be to stay motivated and on track, not to mention figuring out the best combination of fitness & nutrition for your body. How many times have you been to the gym and felt totally confused? Or jumped into a “diet” that claimed to magically drop those extra pounds? I’ve tried it all and found that in order to see change; the only magic ingredient needed is…YOU!

It’s time we learn to love our bodies! We have one life to live and one body to cherish. You ARE worth it! One of the most important parts of any lifestyle change is surrounding yourself with people who support you in your goals; that’s why LSF is here!

Check out the full story of how I lost my weight and completely changed my life below!

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