Weekend Weight Loss Survival Tips

You’ve been watching what you eat, getting your sweat on, and giving yourself a big high five in the mirror all week. Now it’s Friday and it’s hard not to want to throw your good habits out the window, Don’t do it. Come Monday, you’ll be feeling sluggish, defeated and realize you’ve just wrecked your weight loss goals.

I’m all about finding balance and have some serious weekend weight loss survival tips that will help you have fun without totally derailing.

Have a Plan

Weekends are stressful for anyone trying to lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have this idea that we’ve been so good all week we deserve to treat ourselves. In general there’s nothing wrong with that, but without a plan, a little indulging can quickly become a 2-day bender. And yes, two days over doing it can literally erase the hard work you put in that week.

Believe me, I get it. I  did this yo-yo dieting for YEARS! In college I would restrict myself like crazy during the week and then spend the weekend drinking way to much, eating junk and feeling sick about it. Pretty crappy place to be.

There are trainers who will tell you to plan out your cheat days, but that’s not me. (I have SO much to say about that, but that will have to be another post ) I’d rather just incorporate smart strategies so that I can enjoy life as it happens without over-doing it. If you’re going to indulge, you’ve got to do it smart.

Eat Before You Go

Wether you’re going to happy hour or just heading to your besties, going hungry is never a good idea. Especially if you’re going to be drinking, it’s important to get some protein and heathy fats in your body ahead of time.

You know your diet better than anyone and trying to eat healthy out can be a struggle. Also, if you’re drinking with friends, you’re more likely to throw caution to the wind and go along with what everyone else is doing.

Eat some nuts or a smoothie before you go so you can avoid the crazy starving decision making that usually leads to french fries and pizza.

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If you have some food in your belly you’ll be able to make decisions you’ll still feel good about the next day.

Fly Solo

Yes it can be more cost efficient to share drinks and food with friends, but unless they’re on the same health page, you’ll likely end up regretting it. Baskets of tortilla chips might be free, but they’ll cost you about 1g of fat per chip!

I used to be the WORST at this! I would want to accommodate everyone except myself which lead to me eating things I knew I didn’t really want or downing sugary drinks.

Order your own food and drinks so you can control what you’re putting in your body. You can always take home half for lunch the next day so you don’t waste your money.

Fuel Up

No matter what you order, eating out is always a little less healthy than eating at home. Knowing that, stick to lean proteins and veggies. They’ll help you fill up faster and stick to your weight loss goals. Avoid the extras like breads, fried foods, pastas and all those other oh so tempting, but oh so derailing foods.

When I was first trying to figure all this out I literally had to tell them to not leave the bread baskets and things I knew I would have too hard of a time resisting.

  • Ask for veggies to dip
  • Swap starchy sides with roasted vegetables
  • Get sauces and dressings on the side
  • Cover temptations: putting a napkin over something or moving it to the other side of the table means you won’t passively eat it. You’ll have to really thing about it before diving in.

ps- Most restaurants are willing to accommodate you and make menu changes as needed so don’t be afraid to ask. If they’re being a real stickler about something, you can always claim an allergy 🙂

Drink Smart

Instead of spending the whole weekend at happy hours, parties and brunches, pick one. Not every weekend has to feel like a blow out celebration.

I’m not just talking about alcohol though. I really only drink water and coffee unless I’m having a cocktail, but tons of people still drink sugary non-alcoholic drinks like sodas, teas and juices that can be just as bad and add hundreds of calories to your day. They’ve got to go!

When you are going for a cocktail, keep it clear. Stick to tequila or vodka with soda water and fresh herbs or fruit for flavor. My go-to is a vodka soda with mint and lime. I also have TONS of low calorie cocktail recipes you can make for nights in or order when you’re out. Champagne is always a good choice when you don’t want liquor, but still want a treat!

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Give yourself a number of drinks you’ll allow yourself (I say 2) and stick to it. Again, unless it is a real special occasion, choose just one “event” per weekend that you will have drinks at and leave it at that. And if you’re drinking…NO dessert!

Be a Savvy Snacker

The more you prepare ahead of time the easier this will be. Since you have time off, spend a little of it meal prepping! If you prep over the weekend you will avoid having to go out or order in every meal and it will set you up for the next week as well!

Make sure you buy plenty of healthy groceries during the week so you can prep some easy, healthy snacks for the weekend. Always have pre-cute veggies and hummus, nuts, and your other favorites on hand and ready to go. Homemade popcorn and protein bites are great ways to make your brain feel like your indulging without your waistline showing it.

It is 100% possible to survive the weekend and still reach your weight loss goals! If you start using these simple tips I guarantee you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and still feel good on Monday morning!


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You’ve been watching what you eat, getting your sweat on, and giving yourself a big high five in the mirror all week. Now it’s Friday and it’s hard not to want to throw your good habits out the window, Don’t do it. Come Monday, you’ll be feeling sluggish, defeated and realize you’ve just wrecked your weight loss goals