Healthy Mexican Food. How to have the Best Healthy Cinco de Mayo EVER! Just in time!

Mexican food is hands down my favorite. I literally could eat some variation of it every day and be the happiest girl ever! Being in SoCal it is everywhere. Pretty sure avocado was my first solid food as a baby and it’s still my #1. So naturally I had to give you my top tips to have your  BEST healthy Cinco de Mayo ever and enjoy your weekend, guilt-free!

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I pretty much love any reason to celebrate. It doesn’t hurt that my dad’s birthday is actually on Cinco de Mayo and Ryan’s is only a few days later. We are planning a dual family party at my house this weekend which means I get to plan the menu! Woop woop!

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Mexican food is just as easy to make healthy as it is to make unhealthy. Adding cups of melty cheese is not #goals, but there are a few simple swaps to cut unnecessary calories and add TONS of flavor.

PS… how cute is mini piñata!?! I’ve named him Stanley the Ass… cause he’s a donkey and looks like a Stanley. pahah

Before the Recipes…

Here are a few simple tips to make sure you don’t end up feeling like a swollen puff the next day.

  • Limit Your Salt: Don’t add extra salt to a basket of tortilla chips, the rim of your margarita or anywhere else it isn’t completely necessary. Salt is bloat-town central.
  • Drink Even MORE water! If you think you drink a lot of water. Drink more. Drink a glass between every skinny marg to help you keep it together.
  •  Do this workout BEFORE you even think about your first sip or bite! You will feel a million times better. I promise!
  •  Celebrate at Home. Invite your girls over so you can plan the menu and know exactly what you’re putting into your body.
  •  Give Yourself a Limit. Know how many drinks, chips, or enchiladas you are going to have and stick to it!

Bites & Sips

Butternut Squash Enchiladas 

Spicy Mexican Shrimp Bowl

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Healthy Mexican Quinoa Bowl

LSF Go-To Skinny Margarita

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3 Skinny Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

We want to see what you’re up to this weekend. Post your party pics and #teamlsf If there is a piñata involved, I’m in! Especially if it’s filled with protein balls or mini champagne bottles

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