Sweat Babe Crush ? Chelsea

Meet Chelsea

Name: Chelsea Rowntree

Age: 30

Location: Pittsburg, PA

Instagram handle: @WatchChelseaGetFit

How long have you been part of Team LSF? 

I initially found Katie on Youtube back in 2014! I participated in her two week long challenges she used to hold every month (Booty Burn, Fab Abs, Summer Sizzle, etc) and dipped my toes into the 2018 Spring Slim Down, but truly dedicated myself to the 2018 Summer Slim Down, where I was the runner up! I am currently doing the #LSFSpringSlimDown with Team LSF!

What’s your fave LSF workout?

Katie’s Bikini Ab Ladder is a favorite when I want to add abdominal exercises to my workout. The Chillates Pilates Workout is AMAZING before bed to work my core and puts me in a relaxed mode.

What is your go-to LSF recipe?

LOVE the Detox Soup and the Blueberry Coconut Pancakes from the Guiltless Nutrition Guide – must try recipes. And the LSF Lemon Pesto is great on anything! Make a big batch and use it throughout the week on proteins or homemade mini pizzas.

What is the hardest part of working out for you?

Figuring out WHEN to workout is the most challenging part of working out for me. I really have to plan out my week and schedule in workout times ahead of time.

What is your problem zone?

It’s ALWAYS been my stomach. It’s where I gain weight first and it’s the last thing to leave when I lose weight.

Do you have the LSF guides? 

I have both of the Hot Body Sweat Guides and the Guiltless Nutrition Guide. The HBSG makes life easier because if I’m feeling burnt out from work or life in general, I have a go-to workout guide laid out for me. No thinking involved. Just doing. And the Nutrition Guide has clean recipes that are healthy and hefty! I never walk away from those meals feeling hungry. I love a good recipe that helps me get my veggies in and Katie really makes sure most of the recipes incorporate vegetables.

What is your best advice for other girls trying to start up a fitness routine?

To physically commit to a fitness routine, you have be emotionally and mentally ready. I always knew I had anxiety but was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder about two years ago. For the majority of my life, I always wanted to get healthier, but my mind would always stop me. Once I started working on myself from the inside out, it was like a brand new me. I felt ready to crush my new eating and workout plans. No more tearing myself down and telling myself I couldn’t do it, or major procrastination. Coming to terms with my mental and emotional strength truly set me up for success and gave me hope.

What keeps you motivated?

I stay motivated by doing workouts that I like and eating food that tastes good to me! It really helps keep the train rolling if I’m enjoying what I’m doing instead of dreading the training or forcing myself to drink ACV (sorry, I just don’t like it!). Love Sweat Fitness has SO MANY workout options and recipes that I like going back to because they’re fun or taste amazing.

Anything else you want to share with the LSF community?

We are all trying to make the best choices for ourselves, but sometimes you gotta eat that donut for your sanity. Or in my case, beignets in New Orleans while on vacay. Life is too short to drive ourselves crazy obsessing over every little bite of food we take or how many calories we’ve just burned. I love seeing #TeamLSF getting their sweat on and the delicious and nutritious recipes they make, but I also love seeing the mommas enjoying time with their kids and girls savoring special meals with their husbands and boyfriends. It’s all about BALANCE.

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