SSU Prizes + How to WIN

Biggest Summer Shape Up ever and we know you these prizes are giving you LIFE. & duh, you wanna know how to win. Don’t worry, babe, just a few simple steps will set you up for the best possible chance of getting that amazing Grand-prize-winning transformation.

How to Win Summer Shape Up 2018

  1. Check-in every single day. Post your “I’m In” pic ASAP! You’re going to want a dedicated LSF Instagram account (Instructions on how to set it up here). Use the hashtags: #LSFSummerShapeUp #LSFRollCall #TeamLSF
  2. Download the LSF plan. This is how Katie achieved her goals, so it’s the best thing we can possibly recommend for you. You’ll get a….
    • 4 week fat burning meal-by-meal plan that is flexible and easy to make work for your life
    • Workouts you can do in under 30minutes without equipment that will tone and sculpt your body.
    • Over 110+ delicious healthy recipes, tips for curbing cravings, eating out, easy meal prep and more!
  3. Take good before-and-after pics. And obviously all you need right now is the “before” part. Make sure you’re wearing tight clothes so you can really see the changes happen before your eyes. All our best tips are here…transformation pics are so key to winning!
  4. Turn on post notifications from @LoveSweatFitness and @TeamLSF. You never know when we’re gonna throw a bonus prizes at you, and you want to be one of the first babes to see it. Trust us 😉

Summer Shape Up 2018, Grand prize, 8 week challenge, free challenge, Mexico

It takes 2 weeks to feel it,

4 weeks to see it

8 weeks to hear it. 

So what are you waiting for?! Go sign up now.

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Melissa Manning
Melissa Manning

What is the daily check-in? Does that mean we post a pic every day?


This sounds like fun! Some of life’s unexpected moments came crashing thru last month completely throwing off my routine with another fitness challenge, so I really want to focus and stay committed and consistent for this #LSFSSU Super hyped to see awesome results!


Can you win the trip to mexico if you’re Canadian?


So do you have to buy the hbsg and meal plan for a chance to win? Especially since it’s one of the prizes? (I’m broke rn and would love a chance to win that too!)