October Sweat Jams

October Sweat Jams

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This workout playlist is so bomb! The October Sweat Jams are going to be your new fave. I created if for an hour long HIIT workout I taught recently. It gives you a few songs to warm up to first and gets right into some seriously motivated bangers. It would be perfect for a warm-up, Hot Body HIIT workout and gives you a few songs to cool down and stretch out.

I just use this for one of my cardio days in the Hot Body Sweat Guide and it was awesome. I did intervals of walking, running and sprinting to the beats of the different songs. So good! It really is built for interval style workout so take advantage of it and get those HIITS in!

These October Sweat Jams are just what you need to help give you that extra little push this fall! We’re starting a new challenge on Monday so head to Spotify, follow me (Katie Dunlop) and get ready to sweat!

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