Natalie’s 2 Week Challenge Progress

YES! A lot can happen in two weeks! Checkout Natalie’s 2 Week Challenge Progress!

Natalie (@natalicous91) is a true example of perseverance! She has been a part of LSF for almost a year. The 2 week challenges have been her go to! I’m so proud of all the progress she made and can’t wait to see what happens next!

She lost 10 lbs and felt fab! She recently gained a few back, but that’s not stopping her!

“I am getting back to it! I do want to help encourage other ladies like myself to see that it CAN be done. No matter what our journey is…we can take care of ourselves.”

She is ready to take on the new challenges and Hot Body Guides! Checkout her story belwo:

Katie: When did you join LSF? 

Natalie: I joined LSF almost a year ago, (I believe it was March of 2016)

Katie: What inspired you to make the change?

Natalie: I was tired of being sick and tired! I did not like how whenever I would look into the mirror, I did not like what was looking back at me. I was plagued with migraine headaches, and my nutrition and lifestyle contributed a huge part to that. I NEEDED to make a change. Katie, and the LSF community help me get there with their positive posts and encouragement when I need it. 

Katie: How did the LSF community help you stay motivated and stick with it?

Natalie: I have not been perfect on my fitness journey. I have had slip ups, and gained back a few lbs here and there…but my LSF community was still there. Flooding my Instagram, and Facebook notifications…so I was still being gently reminded and encouraged. So I always get right back and pick it RIGHT back up. 

Katie: Did you ever feel like giving up? What pushed you to keep going?

Natalie: Let me quote one of my favorite Bible verses that helps me keep going strong, “19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Yes, I have felt like giving up. I did for awhile. Yet this verse reminds me WHY I don’t keep giving up. Why I keep going! My body is one way that I honor God…so why not give it the respect and care it deserves? This desire pushes me daily. Along with my LSF girls and awesome trainer! 🙂

Katie: How has LSF change you physically? Emotionally?

Natalie: LSF has changed me by helping me get stronger, and there is of course less love for me to fight with 🙂 Emotionally, I would say it has helped me gain confidence. I feel better in my own skin. Especially when someone notices that I have lost weight. It is an amazing feeling! 🙂

Katie: How do you feel now?

Natalie: I feel that I have a lot to learn, and that I am more accepting of the fact that this is a lifestyle change. You can’t just expect to lose the weight, and have it stay gone. It is a process. I still have many more lbs I intend to lose. The difference now is I believe that I can!

Katie: What advice would you give to someone just starting out on their fitness journey?

Natalie: Setbacks happen…they will happen. What matters is not that you don’t let setbacks happen, but how you move on when they do. What matters is what you do to improve after. Keep moving! Don’t give up! Don’t beat yourself up! Remember that your body hears everything you say and do about yourself. Be positive! Be proud of what you CAN do now, and don’t focus on what you can’t. You will get there! 🙂 

Katie: What’s your FAVORITE LSF workout?

Natalie: My favorite workout by LSF is Standing Abs! It is my go to routine when I need a boost!

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My Instagram is @natalicious91 is anyone wants to follow my progress!


My Instagram is @natalicous91 if anyone else would like to follow me for some more inspiration as I continue to make changes!