Healthy Nachos. The big game is coming up this Sunday but we’re blowing the whistle on an unhealthy Super Bowl.

We know that buffalo dip is tempting, girl. And don’t even get us started on the wings. How are you supposed to watch the game if you gotta keep your eyes closed to resist all the goodies?!

Time out! 

We’ve got you. This is your #LSFSuperbowl. You can, in fact, snack your heart out and still feel like cheering afterward. Yep!! 

Get the inside scoop on our LSF nachos for a recipe you’ll want to replicate even when you’re not watching the big game. Added bonus? Vegan cheese sauce recipe. Can we get a hip, hip, hooray? (Hip hip hooray!!!)

Hold up, though. We’re not done here yet. We’ve got one more goodie for your game day.

It’s Super Bowl time and whether you’re a football fanatic or don’t know the difference between a touchdown and a home run, this Super Bowl Workout Bingo is sure to get you moving and enjoying the game! Print out your bingo and each time you see something on your bingo sheet, sweat it out with the corresponding workout move! (You can only cross off your square once you do the workout move). If you get a bingo, post a pic to your Insta and tag @lovesweatfitness + @teamlsf and use the hashtag #LSFsuperbowl. We can’t wait to see how many of you babes get a bingo and are sweating it out with us during the Super Bowl! 

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3 years ago

i love this!!

3 years ago

Love this. I am going to make this a healthier Super Bowl and do these exercises and make the nachos! Tired of the guilt and unhealthy feeling that Monday after filling up on beer, pizza and all the other bad stuff! Thank you!

3 years ago

Thanks !!