LSF Jams | November Playlist


It’s time for me to start sharing my fave LSF Jams! I’m starting with my November Playlist!

Music can make or break a workout. A song can either help push you through the last few reps, or completely kill your vibe. When I’m planning a class or workout, my music is #1. I build everything else around it.

I literally feel it in my bones!

I get not everyone feels so strongly about their jams. I have friends who don’t even listen to music when they workout… WHAT?!? That I can’t understand.

Even if music isn’t deep in your soul, you have to admit it impacts your mood. It creates memories too! If you hear a song and think about how your’re feeling in that moment, it sticks. You’ll come back to that place every time you hear it! Want to Want Me Some Abs. Nough said.

I’m kinda obsessed with this playlist. Just finished planning my Barre Bootcamp class for tomorrow and feeling pumped! You should 100% pair this playlist with some of those workouts and a round or two of HIIT!

I’ll be sharing new ones each month and a few bonus playlists. Yes… you can workout to Christmas music! I want to do EVERYTHING possible to help you stay motivated and on track this holiday season! Make sure you checkout these pre-holiday tips too!

 ♥ See all my PLAYLISTS & Comment with any songs you’re loving right now so I can check them out! Maybe  I’ll work them in on the next LSF JAMS Playlist!


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