Lots of Love Checklist

Everything You Need to Get Started!

In just a few days we’re jumpstarting our sugar detox together with the Lots of Love Challenge. Get ready for increased energy, weight-loss, less crazy cravings, and lots and lots of love! These are all the things I’ll be using throughout the challenge and I put together a little checklist because I want you to grab them too! Together we can totally do this!! xox Katie

What You’ll Want to Get:

Your Hot Body Sweat Guide:  If you want next-level results, you need a next-level plan! If you are ready to take it up a level the HBSG 2.0, will give you the BIGGEST  transformation during the 5 weeks so go grab it! Game = changed. REMEMBER…You’ve got a discount code. 

Use code: LOTSOFLOVE for 14% off either Hot Body Sweat Guide! 👇

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✔ Your 7 Day Sugar Detox Guide

This BRAND NEW guide in the LSF shop!

This 7 day guide breaks down the do’s and don’ts with sugar, how sugar impacts your body (and it’s way more than just weight-gain), foods to avoid + ones to enjoy, and gives you a 7 day plan with over to help you break your sugar addiction. With 25 new recipes you’ll ditch cravings, burn fat, and change your body from the inside out!

  • A 7-day detox plan you can repeat as many times as you want or whenever you feel like you need a reset!
  • One week worth of healthy and EASY breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and beverage recipes so you can detox on the go!
  • Food guide to help you avoid sneaky sugars and feel your best
  • Simple, easy-to-follow breakdown of how to reduce sugar to gain big results
  • All the sugar withdrawal symptoms to expect…so you can avoid them!
  • Hacks to make this the easiest, most fun detox you’ve ever done
  • A daily meal planner printout to help you set goals and meal prep like a pro

✔ Your LSF Fit Kit

Get all your workout essentials in one place!:

Spring Slim Down ChallengeWhat to do:

 Take your ‘Before’ pics – Wear tight-fitting clothing, and make sure you are facing into the light. Smile!! We want to see your pretty face. We’ve got all our pointers in this post.

 Make your LSF instagram account – So key for daily check-ins. Our step by step guide is over here. You can easily switch between your current account and your LSF one!

Show your team you’re in! Post your “I’m In” on Instagram
Find new LSF babes to support you throughout the challenge! Screen shot this graphic and post on IG with hashtags #LSFlotsoflove and #LSFsayhey
✔ Prepare for the amazing workouts ahead & show your body some love! – We know workouts that are FUN and fast are KEY so we’ve made it super easy with your weekly workouts schedules. Just follow your New LSF Daily 10 moves on LoveSweatFitness.com or download your HBSG on any device so it’s always at your fingertips!

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