June Playlist | LSF Jams

June Playlist | LSF Jams for our NEW Daily Workouts!

Have you signed up to get the FREE daily workout schedule? I’ve always loved doing the 14 day challenges, but I wanted to give you motivation all month long! Whether you’re doing the Hot Body Sweat Guide already or just getting started with #TeamLSF these workouts will be perfect for you! Plus now you have my brand new June Playlist | LSF Jams come out each month! 

I am all about giving you workouts you can do at home. The LSF Hot Body Sweat Guide is a workout guide for women that will allow you to get your sweat on from ANYWHERE! The key is the right plan, effect exercises and of course, MUSIC!

I’ll keep posting new playlists each month so let me know below if there are songs you want to hear!

xoxo katie

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