Juliea’s Transformation

Checkout Juliea’s AMAZING Transformation!

Hey Girls! Meet Juliea (aka @ lsf_juliea) How amazingly fierce does she look!? Nothing makes me happier than sharing your girls progress and transformations! So awesome to know we are all in it together!

Juliea never thought she would work out regularly. Her sister asked her to do one of the 2 week challenges. She was going through a divorce at the time and thought it would help her deal with the emotional stress. She completed her first challenge and has been working out consistently now for a year and half! Girlfriend lost 28 pounds and is LOVING the way she looks and feels! I mean… Look at those ABS!!

Katie: When did you join LSF?  

Julea: I joined 2 1/2 year ago.

Katie: What inspired you to make the change?

Juliea: I was going thru a difficult time in my life my sister asked me if I wanted to do a challenge with her that she had found, and I knew working out helped with depression so I said sure.

Katie: What have you been doing to change your health and fitness?

Juliea: At first I just worked out following your challenges then I started eating smaller portions,with healthy snacks. This last year I finally started eating healthier consistently! I think small steps really helped and your guide

Katie: How did the LSF community help you stay motivated and stick with it?

Juliea: The lsf community hold you accountable, you have to be honest and tell the truth but no matter what you get support and advice! 

Katie: Did you ever feel like giving up? What pushed you to keep going?

Juliea: Yes! At first I seen results after 14 days and was like wow but we all have those days that we just don’t to move.  I usually talk myself into by thinking how bad I will feel tomorrow if I don’t do it.. It’s weird but it works for me.

 Katie: How has LSF change you physically? Emotionally?

Juliea: Physically I am stronger, I love my body, I never try to be like anyone else. Emotionally- I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to exercising helped me to zone in and see that I can achieve my goals! I just keep chipping away at it. 

Katie: How do you feel now?

Juliea: Awesome, I am getting to the point that I have ab definition and let me tell you that is hard to keep. Abs really are made in the kitchen!

Katie: What advice would you give to someone just starting out on their fitness journey?

Juliea: Don’t try to do to much at once, follow Katie’s 14 day challenges and do not compare yourself to anyone else! Make small attainable goals each week and go after them. If you fail start over and keep going. Don’t stop, because no one started out perfect and neither will you. 

What’s your FAVORITE LSF workout? Dolphin pushups, I love anywork that is unique and challenges different muscles that’s probably another reason I do the challenges, they are always different.

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