Jessie’s Transformation

When I saw this I was AMAZED! Checkout Jessie’s Transformation

Jessie (@jessielei621 )started her LSF journey back in May. She started with the #?summershapeup series and made an INCREDIBLE transformation in just 4 weeks!

Jessie: “Every time I set out to work on my body I surprise myself! I am so glad that I took photos, body measurements, weight, and body fat percentage calculations. I focus so hard on trying to move that scale that I always forget about these other factors. I’m glad I have a record of my starting point to prove to myself how far I’ve come! It’s so easy to look at yourself and not be satisfied.  It takes time. It takes work. It’s supposed to be hard! I really wanted to lose weight this month and tone up the belly.”

Checkout her transformation and hear more from Jessie about her journey…

Weight: -5.8lbs Body fat -2% Measurements: Chest -1.5in Waist -2in Hips -2in R thigh -2in L thigh -2in


“Wow! Talk about an amazing experience! There is a whole world of people out there just like me.  I’m so glad Fabletics linked me to LSF! I have the support of an entire community and we’re all seeking the same goals. Best part about it, it’s free!  Thank you so much for all the inspiration and the new body! 

 Thanks again for getting me started on the track to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  I can’t remember what the saying is about how long it takes for something to become a habit, but you made it so fun and easy that I stopped counting! “

I am so proud of you girl! Thanks for being such an incredible inspiration to all the other LSF girls! It is incredible what our bodies and minds are capable of! Excited to continue to watch your progress!

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