January Workout Playlist | LSFJams

Brand new January Workout playlist. Loving these LSF Jams to help get you through your workouts this month!

It’s a brand new year! New goals. New challenges. New need for some serious motivation. (i.e. Need a serious January workout playlist!)

For me, it’s all about the music. I always need a good playlist to help push me through!

Each month I’ll be creating a new workout playlist. If you have songs you’re absolutely LOVING, comment below so I can check them out! Maybe they’ll be on next month’s LSF Jams! 

I was really feeling like bringing back some of my favorite older mixes for this playlist. So good!

The “You Want Me” Song is my favorite cardio burst jam right now! It’s just what you need at the end to get that final umph!

Still loving my last LSF jams playlist. You can check that one out here

If you have a Spotify account you can follow me and get the full playlist. If you ever have trouble with them playing (sometimes they only work on certain devices) you’ll at least have the songs so you can create your own playlist too!

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