10K Training. Telling someone, “I’m running a 10k” is like speaking a foreign language.

What does it even mean!? A 10k is 6.2 miles. Some people just call it a “fun run.” I don’t know about you, but I need a little more if we’re gonna call it “Fun,” Whether you are trying to add more cardio into your routine or just don’t want to miss out on all the “fun” with these runs, this video will teach you how to Train for a 10k.

Mix It Up!

There is a lot more that goes into training for a long distance run besides just running. Of course that is a major part of it, but as always, mixing up your workouts is key!

If you follow the Hot Body Sweat Guide you already are ahead of the game. In order to get the right combination of circuit, strength and cardio training you need to have a plan.

Checkout the video to see what my average training week looks like. I’ve also laid it out for you below along with a great HIIT cardio printable. Save it to your boards on Pinterest 

My Training Plan

Before running a 10k I don’t usually even run 6 miles. The longest run I do is 4 miles. I know with all the other training I’m doing, when it comes to race day, I will be good to go. Endorphins will be pumping and if you have a group of friends doing it with you, it will go by in a flash!

Day 1:

4 mile run with various terrain (dirt path, street, sand, flat, hilly, etc.)

Day 2:

3.0 Miles alternating running, jogging & sprinting. (see HIIT printable below)

Day 3:

HBSG Arms & Abs Circuit

Day 4:

3.5 Miles Jog with some hills and inclines.

Day 5:

 HBSG Full Body Circuit 

Day 6:

Active Rest Day

Day 7:

2.5 Miles Walk + HBSG bikini ab ladder 

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5 years ago

You inspired me to do a 5k since I don’t run very often. Would you suggest a similar plan to this for that?

5 years ago

Want to get back into my running haven’t done any running in a long time. Done a 10k once couple years ago. I want to get back into it again and an ideal programme to start. Want to do a half marathon at some point as well.

5 years ago

Want to give it ago. Haven’t done a 10k in a while nor have ran in a while. Want to use your programme as a starting point but start small and half the load and build my self up.