You can’t out-train a bad diet! And abs aren’t just made in the kitchen. It takes a combination of the right nutrition AND workouts to truly transform your body. If you want to increase your confidence, boost your metabolism and get a strong sculpted body, you need the perfect balance of both! That’s where the LSF Hot Body Plan comes in.


I created the Hot Body Sweat Guide based on the simple formula that I’ve used to transform my own body and so many girls using LSF workouts. It’s an easy-to-follow, eight week guide full of fun, fast and effective workouts you can do…


  • Increase confidence & strength
  • Ignite your metabolism to burn fat all day long
  • Sculpt and shape your entire body
  • Stop feeling stuck & push past plateaus
  • No Equipment Needed – Get your sweat on ANYWHERE #LSFSweatAnywhere
  • 135 pages packed with effective workouts and motivation
  • Warm up & stretching guide
  • Exercise Encyclopedia with over 60 step-by-step photos and descriptions
  • Fun “bonus workouts” that help you feel the burn and get results even faster
  • Find YOUR perfect Healthy, Happy, Hot Body!



The Hot Body 4 Week Meal Plan is the perfect way to change your lifestyle for good. If you have ever felt that eating healthy is too complicated or boring, this plan is for YOU! Take the guess work out of eating healthy with an easy to follow daily meal plan. You will learn WHY it’s important to eat certain foods and when to eat them, so that you get the most energy all day long. This plan gives you all of the nutritional tools you need to meet your weight loss goals. You will quickly learn how to balance fats, carbs and proteins to shed those pesky pounds.

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  • 4 weeks of easy-to-make daily fat burning meals
  • MY top tips to get fast and long lasting results
  • Grocery shopping guide and food prep tips
  • 5 simple step-by-step meals each day
  • Over 25 delicious metabolism boosting recipes
  • The truth about carbs, fats and proteins – and why you need them ALL and how your body uses them
  • Learn why you’re not losing weight and how to train your body to work for you!


The Hot Body Sweat Guide & Meal Plans were created by Katie after her own personal weight loss transformation. The guides are based off the same workouts and meal planning she used and still does today! Learn how to fuel your body with delicious REAL food and find fast, fun and effective workouts you can do ANYWHERE.

LSF has made getting fast and long lasting results easy when you combine the LSF Hot Body Meal Plan & Sweat Guide.


“I personally highly recommend the LSF Hot Body Sweat guide because it breaks all of the valuable information down. Katie’s passion behind the guide as well as the generosity of information, and not to mention the supportive LSF community cheering you on, are what makes the LSF Hot Body Sweat guide stand out.”

– Sarah J.