Gluten free granola shots

These Gluten free granola shots are easy to meal prep and great to grab and go!

We whipped these easy granola shots up last spring for our big healthy team brunch and fell in love. Remember the donuts and breakfast nachos!? Yea…so good. Now I make them for all my brunch get togethers and when I want something easy to take with me on busy mornings.

They only take about 20 minutes to make and are the perfect balance of healthy fats, protein, carbs, and just a hint of sweetness. If you love the LSF granola recipe, you’re going to love these easy granola shots!

Gluten free granola shots
Gluten free granola shots

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2 years ago

How many servings is this? Thanks for the yummy recipe!!

Team LSF
2 years ago
Reply to  Ali

I would eat 2 shots as your serving. Depending on the size you make them it will vary for total made.