Emilie’s Before & Afters!

Girls – These Before & Afters though…

I had the pleasure to meet Emilie via skype over a year ago after she joined on of my challenges. Since then, she has made an incredible transformation! Check out her story and see her before & afters below

Emilie (@emilie1422) won a skype session with me. I remember it so clearly.

She was just finishing up a Zumba class and answered my video call as she was getting ready to leave the class. She had just got her sweat on and was so pumped! She was ready to take her fitness to the next level, and she has!

Emilie has been doing the 2 week challenges for several months. Instead of stopping after 2 weeks, she continues the challenge for the entire month! Wow girl!

Look at her Before & Afters! What an awesome transformation
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From Emilie:

After seeing some of the ladies transformations I knew I could do it too! The LSF community is absolutely amazing. The women in this group inspire everyone to keep pushing, give great advice and encourage everyone with beautiful sayings! The women in LSF truly are there for each other and not to beat up on anyone, yet support us all.

I always felt like giving up, but with the words of encouragement and amazing transformation photos and seeing my own change kept me pushing and kept me challenging myself and others! Physically I’m able to do so many things! I feel emotionally amazing too! Yes I still have my days where I beat myself up over something, but who doesn’t. That’s just life. I feel absolutely great now and can’t wait to continue my fitness journey with the LSF Community!!

If I had to give anyone advise it would be to keep pushing, keep striving for success and know that you will hit bumps in the road, but to have no fear in that. Embrace it and push past it. It’s a journey between you and yourself, no one else! Only you can win this battle and once you conquer it, you will be amazed and what else you can do!

Write things down and always kept a fitness journal with you! Everything counts…

and HAVE FUN!!

My favorite LSF workouts are any of the HITT videos! My word to those starting out “good things come to those who sweat!””

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So awesome! You’re workouts and meal guidelines really worked for me too. Although I’m still very naughty in the kitchen. You’re repeat 3 times mantra is what really makes the magic happen.