Favorite Find for a Healthy Smile

Favorite Find for a Healthy Smile

I realized that we’re always talking about eating the right foods and working out to be healthy, but there is still more that goes into total body health. The things we often neglect are our skincare, hair, nails & teeth! The foods we eat definitely impact all of these, but what we use to take care of them is just as important.

I just shared my skincare routine with you guys and I’m definitely due for a hair update, but I’ve never really talked about teeth care. Dental care? Dental Hygiene? Anyway, you get it.

Got 99 problems & my teeth are definitely 1

If you saw my post on IG last week you know I have super sensitive teeth. I’m pretty sure I’ve snap chatted from the dentist chair about 10 times in the last two years. Ridiculous. Since I was a little girl I’ve had issues with my teeth and it’s frustrating because I’m like an A+ dental patient. I don’t eat processed foods with added sugar, I floss everyday and brush the full 2 minutes 2x a day. Somehow I still manage to have cavities or other weird issues every time I go to the dentist and recurring nightmares of my teeth falling out. It’s terrifying.

I’ve been using a toothpaste for sensitivity for as long as I can remember, but it tastes pretty terrible and doesn’t do anything to help the turmeric latte stains on my teeth. Did you guys see how intense that color is on my Fall nighttime routine video? I tried a whitening kit from my dentist, but (shocking) it made my teeth so incredibly sensitive for 5 days. Some things just aren’t worth it and that was one.

Favorite New Find

About two weeks ago @Crest launched their new Whitening Therapy Collection with two different toothpastes, Enamel Care & Sensitivity Care and they’re pretty awesome. Both pastes have enamel protection and fluoride to fight cavities which is important for ANYONE. Plus, they both have serious whitening benefits AND the sensitivity one obviously relieves sensitivity pain too!

I’ve tried both and they both seem great, but I’ve been using the sensitivity Care one the most and love it.

The best part is you can get them at any Target store. Way better then me having to go to my dentist every time I need a new toothpaste.

What I’m loving it so far…

  • It tastes good. Fresh minty flavor without being OVERLY minty, ya know? ✅

  • Ryan & I can use the same toothpaste✅ (he’s been using Crest 3D White forever so easy transition for him)

  • My teeth haven’t had any sensitivity✅

  • The whitening definitely works ✅

I smile a lot so it’s nice to have something I know is going to not only make it look better, but keep my mouth healthier too! If you want to check them out head to Target so you can start to #WhitenwithBenefits 😍

xoxo katie





You all know I ONLY share brands and products I actually use and love! This post was sponsored by Crest through their partnership with Target. While I was compensated to write a post about Crest, all opinions are my own and 100% how I feel about it.

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