November Phone Wallpaper

November wallpapers. Happy November, girl! Time for some gratefulness, am I right?

First of all. There are two types of girls in this world. You have your "Christmas Music on November 1st" types. And you have your "Don't even say Christmas until after I've had my turkey" types. I gotta say…I'm the latter. Maybe it's because I don't know how I'd get rid of the 100000 pumpkins in my home overnight? They need a little more mileage guys! Which one are you??

Gratefulness FTW

But no matter what, November is a month to focus on gratefulness. Sometimes this time of year I catch myself starting to think about all the things I didn't accomplish in 2018, and I beat myself up for it. Two problems here: 1) There is still SO much time to create change in your life!! You can fit a whole round of the Hot Body Sweat Guidein — aka HUGE physical/mental changes CAN happen. 2) I have a crazy amount to be thankful for. Anytime discontentment creeps up, I can safely say "um not absolutely not tyvm" because I'm alive, healthy, and surrounded by the inspiring women of Team LSF.

So my phone background this month is going to remind me of that each and every time I look at it. (BTW, the new "screen time report" on the iPhone tells me I spend like 8 hours a day on my phone, so this could REALLY make a difference haha).

Want to join me in crazy, obsessive gratefulness this month? Download YOURS today!

Download this free text graphic phone wallpaper to remind yourself to be thankful in the cutest possible way. Free tech downloads at!


  • On your phone, tap the image you want below to open a new window.
  • Then tap and hold down on the image you want to save. A menu will pop up: click "Save Image."
  • Go to your Settings app, click on Wallpaper, then "Choose a New Wallpaper." Select the photo you just saved and yayyyy, you're all set!

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