Holiday gift guide. Let’s get real… I know you probably haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet. If you have, can you do mine too? haha

But seriously, the weeks go by so fast and it’s hard to invest time in figuring out what to get everyone on your list. If you have some health and fitness junkies to shop for, or you just want some ideas for yourself, I’ve got you covered.

I’m always trying out new products. When I find things I LOVE, I buy like 3 so I can share them with my family and friends. In this year’s LSF Holiday Gift Guide I am sharing some new finds and old favorites that are great for all the ladies, and even some of the men, in your life!

1. The Yogi

You girls know I love doing hot yoga sculpt and Onzie’s clothes are PERECT for it! They’re a lightweight, silky feeling material that helps keep me from drowning in my own sweat   Plus, they’re nailing the “Athleisure” looks with fun patterns and designs. These are two of my favorites right now. You HAVE to go check out all their stuff. So much goodness.

Sun Ray Bra, onzie, fitness, fashion
Sun Ray Bra
Chiang Mia
Chiang Mia

2. The Beauty Guru

Ok… If you read my winter skincare blog you know I’ve tried it all. I have the most sensitive dry skin ever, but this AmorePacific line is amazing. It’s super gentle, made with Asian botanicals, but it does some serious work on your skin. I’ve had the papaya enzyme peel for about a year and still have some in the bottle, so definitely worth the little investment in your skin.

amorepacific, skincare, skin, skin care, saphora,

3. The #LSFsister in Your Life

The first thing everyone starts thinking about after Christmas is how they’re going to lose those extra LB’s. My Guiltless Nutrition Guide will be your best friend. Get easy, clean eating tips, recipes, sample meal plan and more!

Plus… what better way to help someone get motivated to hit the gym than with one of these cute tanks! I’m obsessed! MY friends get them every year from me so obviously I had to make the new “Earn Your Cocktails” one this year:)

♥I’m giving all of my LSFsisters 15% OFF with the CODE: lsfgifts in the shop!

4. The Adventurer

Get ready for a technology mind explosion. I know hiking and traveling is all about disconnecting buuuut…. we all want to be able to have our phones accessible for pictures and emergencies right? Maybe a little Snap or Insta? Anyway, I just found these rad backpacks from Birksun that are solar charged. Say what?! They also have built in USB so you can charge your phones or other outdoorsy tech you might need. I have it on my own wish list this year!

Holiday gift guide
Holiday gift guide
Holiday gift guide

5. The Cleanser

There is so much hype out there around cleansing….especially this time of year. Yes, it’s important to cleanse, but not by striping your body of nutrients which is what most products out there will do. I LOVE doing a juice cleanse a few times a year. Post-Christmas is definitely one of those times. After so many weeks of little indulgences, we could all use a little help ditching the sugar cravings and resetting our bodies. My favorite is Project Juice because they do non-GMO cold-pressed organic juice cleanses and deliver throughout the entire U.S. Nearly 20 pounds of USDA certified organic produce is pressed into each day’s allotment of six 14.5-ounce bottles of pure goodness

♥You girls get 10% off with Code: LoveSweatFitness

Project juice, juice cleanse, juicing, green juice, juice

6. The Techy, The Blogger, The Mom, The Student. This one is for EVERYONE!

I get even so excited when friends and you girls in the LSF community share your favorite things with me! This year, my friend and fellow blogger Lauryn Evarts, The Skinny Confidential , sent me her “must-have” and it’s not what you would expect!

“My must-have for the holiday season is weird…but necessary! I am getting all my friends & family laptop stands. We spend so much time looking down at the computer and it’s really horrible for the neck/posture. With a laptop stand, they’re eye level, super mobile, AND cute and silver. Fun, right?” Xo Lauryn

Holiday gift guide laptop stand

This is definitely a MUST for anyone who spends a significant amount of their day on their laptop. I literally went and bought myself and Ryan each one as soon as she told me about this! I hadn’t really thought about it before, but it’s helps so much!

7. The Traveler

Whenever I travel there are two things I ALWAYS bring: protein bars & my Mobot. This would be a perfect combo for someone who loves to travel, a college student or your bestie who’s always on the go.

You never know what kind of food you may get stuck with or how long you’ll be sitting on the tarmac during the holidays, so having several protein bars on had is essential. My favorites are RISE protein bars because they are super clean (like 5 REAL ingredients) and will definitely keep you fueled on the road.

PS: They have a Snicker Doodle one that is AMAZING. I baked them in the oven like cookies and it might have been the best thing that ever happened…Just saying:)

♥You can get 20% OFF until January with Code: LSFHoliday2015

rise bar, protein bars, protein, healthy snacks

The Mobot comes in handy in two ways. First, it’s a water bottle and hydration is KEY when traveling. Plus, it’s also a FOAM ROLLER! Yes! I don’t know about you, but I am always so tight and sore after traveling so this thing saves me every time! I’m a big fan of things I can get more than one use out of #winning. 

Holiday gift guide mobot

8. The Runner

I just LOVE Nike. I think it’s probably because I have such wide feet (I am 5’6″ and a size 9 shoe! I know…) Anyway, I fell in love with the Nike Free shoes a couple of years ago and I just can’t imagine there being a better match for my feet. Best things about them: fun bright colors, crazy patterns and you can custom design your own too! I just saw these ones last week and immediately added them to my list for santa (aka: Ryan). Check them out.

nike, nike shoes, nike free, run, running shoes, runner

9. The Fitness Fashionista

I spend about 90% of my time in workout clothes. I change at least 2-3 times a day (sweaty hot mess here) and have I two rules I live by when it comes to fitness appearal: ♥ It must be comfortable ♥It must be adorable

If I’m going to be wearing them like “real” clothes 24-7, I want to look cute enough to live normal life and have them still be functional in the gym. Public Myth is my everyday go-to. Really just perfect for anyone who wants to “look good in their active wear.” hah

Here are my current obsessions:

Holiday gift guide
Holiday gift guide

10. The Workout Junkie

If you have someone on your list that can’t decide if they are more into Spin or Yoga this week, the Class Pass is the best gift EVER! This one pass gets you into thousands of classes all over the world. It’s a great way to try out new studios or just to be able to take tons of different classes without being locked into a gym contract.

classpass, fitness, workout, workout classes, weight loss
Holiday gift guide ClassPass.0

I couldn’t stop at just 10. There are SO many awesome gifts I’ve found this year! Check out my Vlog for a few more 

Now it’s time to actually get to shopping. I honestly haven’t even started yet! Whoops. Oh and seriously, let me know if you have any “must-haves” in the comments below… I am always looking for new ideas!


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